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Contrary to what many people think YouTube can be a leverage tool to generate income based on the knowledge that everyone has throughout his life.

As Juan Diego Gomez mentions in the book “habits of the rich” YouTube presents us with the opportunity to virtually duplicate ourselves, but what does this mean? Assuming I am a professor and teach a class at the university I would be paid for every class I teach, but if I virtually duplicate myself on YouTube that same class can be seen by millions of people at any time of the day or day of the week. I would be teaching the same class but having passive income at any time.

I’m sure this article will be useful to you. Let’s get started.

What is Youtube?

Youtube is currently the world’s largest platform for sharing videos, both streaming and delayed. You can upload your own movies, clips, music, opinions, interviews, gameplays, tutorials, etc.. And you can also consume thousands of hours of audiovisual content in all the languages of the planet.

What is to be Youtuber and what does this word mean?

Being a Youtuber went from being associated to being a freak, to being an influential sector or niche. Nowadays being a Youtuber is more of a profession than a hobby, since you can earn a lot of money if you find the right niche and if you optimize your channel to the maximum for that niche (which is what I’m going to teach you in this course).

People who share videos on a Youtube channel are called Youtuber. No matter the subject matter of the videos, everyone who shares videos on Youtube is Youtuber.

How much does a Youtuber earn?

There are no magic numbers, not all Youtubers earn the same or the same. The profit a Youtuber can make is based on the influence he or she has, the ability to create marketing and the sources of monetization he or she may have as a result of his or her channel, for example: he or she can monetize videos, create sponsored videos, sell affiliate products, sell his or her own products and services, and so on.

¿Qué significa streaming o emitir en directo en Youtube?

Realizar directos en Youtube significa salir en vivo ante tu audiencia. Puedes utilizar tu móvil o un ordenador para ello. Si lo haces desde el ordenador, puedes salir tú y mostrar tu ordenador, esto es muy interesante de cara a crear marca, cosa que veremos a lo largo del curso.

What does it mean to upload a video to Youtube?

Uploading videos to YouTube means uploading edited or unedited videos to your YouTube channel from your computer or mobile. I recommend that you always upload edited videos, cutting fragments that do not add value to the overall video.

What does it mean to edit a video for Youtube?

Later, as you follow the free course to become Youtuber, I will teach you how to edit videos for your channel. Editing videos means creating a video from multiple clips recorded with your smartphone, DSLR, or camcorder. You can add effects, transitions, sounds, colors, perspectives, etc. All this will make your videos unique and visually appealing, so you can create an audience on Youtube.

What does it mean to create an audience inside Youtube?

Here I’ll be quick and clear, and I’ll give you my 11 years of experience as YouTube. To create an audience in this Social Network means to have faithful followers to the ones you have hooked with your videos. For example, in the case of the Youtubers Gamers, they record videos playing live and thus get thousands of people to follow them. The same example can be taken for a professional who creates videos explaining, for example, how to learn English, that person will get a good handful of audience that is demanding videos to learn English.

The bigger your audience, the more likely you are to be influential and with it, the more likely you are to make money.


What is the miniature on Youtube?

Thumbnails are the images that act as the cover of the videos. It is something very important that you can not miss, in the section of the course that I talk about the thumbnails I give you several tips for you to create excellent thumbnails.

What is the title of the videos?

The title of your videos is one of the most important sections in order to position the videos on Youtube. If you put the right title, in an original and striking way, you will get many more clicks than your competition, so we will work a lot on the title in the section that I will dedicate to it in this course for Youtubers.

What is the description in Youtube videos?

Youtube tells us that the description section is very important to add a summary of your video and also to add more information to the people who see your videos. This section is ideal for leaving links to your page or links to affiliate products or your own products to sell.

What are the keywords or tags on Youtube?

The keywords are the words that people put in the Youtube search engine to find videos. If you put the right keywords in your videos, many people will discover your videos, so your audience will grow.

What are cards and final screens?

The final cards and screens are called to strategic action, that is, through the cards you can show more videos related to what the viewer is watching, or you can even send it to your website. With the final screens you can show up to 4 more videos so that the viewer can continue consuming your videos. I recommend you to create product series (we’ll see later) and put the videos of the series on the final screens.

I want to talk to you about the subject that I constantly receive a lot of comments about through social networks and email and that is: I’m going to create a channel on YouTube, I’m going to generate content for YouTube but I don’t know what about what? What subjects to deal with?

There are three fundamental characteristics when it comes to raising content for the Internet, not just for YouTube.

What is it about other people don’t know and what I like to do?

It is about transmitting important information, that knowledge, that privileged information that I have so that other people know it. If I am an engineer, if I am a doctor, if I am a housewife, I sell insurance, I have the information that most people do not know and that some people may be interested in knowing, then that is the principle that is the first element that we have to take into account when raising content.

The second is that it is the content that we propose to help people

that solves needs that are generated daily. We must through this content help that solution, whether academic needs, information, entertainment needs or insurance, if our content is intended to help people because it has a plot of success assured.

The third and last topic are the keywords and the audience we are going to reach.

We must analyze that the subject to deal with if you have Internet searches, we must go to see the keywords, which are the words that people search on the Internet on a specific topic and we must see then that those words, those titles and those topics that we are going to deal with, really have a volume of relevant search to then focus on these.

The elements to take into account to select the name of a channel that we are going to create are:

1. First of all I think that is one of the most important elements, is that our name is based on keywords, which are the words that users look for most on the Internet according to specific topic. It is important that our channel has associated keywords in its name.

2. It is also important that the channel is easy to pronounce, we will share the channel with other people through conversations we will share the channel through emails, on social networks and any other medium. That when someone visits our channel remember the name, have remembrance and do not have to be saying writing and / or spelling.

3. I also consider it relevant not to put numbers in the names of the channels unless directly that is the intention, but calling for example a trident channel5562 is something very complicated and really is not functional, we must try that this name of the channel we are going to select, is easy to find through search engines and hence the subject of keywords.

I want to talk to you on this occasion about how to get traffic for our videos on YouTube I will devote myself specifically on this short topic to talk directly about traffic, I personally believe that there are three important elements to traffic generation:

In the first place it is to think of our channels and our contents as an information network, let’s not try to get traffic for one or for 2 specific videos, let’s make all our videos have an important number of views of reproductions and that we do when we plan the content and we see how to do so that these contents are interlaced so that when a user sees a video of ours is forced to see another content of our channel.
Complement that information then, is the first recommendation, think of our channel as a content information network.

A second observation is the number of videos that we have published in the channel. We cannot pretend to have an important number of reproductions and an important number of subscribers with a single video, we must have an important number of videos so that we have many users and reproductions the more video we have, the more possibilities we will have that the users are not on the Internet.

And the last recommendation to get traffic is the subject of SEO optimization, which is the correct use of titles, descriptions and tags in videos. We must make titles that are eye-catching that incite users to open the videos, for this we must also use the keywords for the titles these same for descriptions and tags.
Then in that way we are going to arrive with the content that we make to that public that has that need of information. Having those three elements and following in an additional way other tips that I will give them.


In YouTube we have a very important indicator in the metrics or Analytics called: “audience retention” and audience retention tells us when people leave our videos, this metric tells us for example that at minute one, 80% of people who began to see the content left, in minute 2 are 70%, in minute 3 are left at 50%, so we are seeing when users are going and thus generate strategies that make this retention is greater.

He invited them to review the metrics of your videos constantly and keep in mind which part is going and which part are failing, which part is missing to enhance those videos.

We can determine that the concentration of people when they watch a video on YouTube for 3 minutes is more or less from minute 2:40 to minute 3. In this period of time is where there is the highest loss of users.

The users leave our videos in that time, then we must try that the information we give this between 2 minutes reaching 3 minutes, if we have sometimes very long or very extensive topics, the ideal is that we split in several sections the content, create series or split videos in several parts. It is a very good idea because we are going to have more possibility that the users find our video contents and additional we also have the possibility to increase the monetization.

Then these 3 minutes the normal thing is that the public begins to go to the social networks to Twitter, Facebook or begin to see other pages.

Without a doubt the recommendation that I want to give you through this post is that you don’t make very long videos and that you are very aware of this retention of audience.

In this space I explain you how to get the 4000 hours of visualizations and the thousand subscribers that YouTube asks you to start monetizing your channel. Getting these metrics is important, but watch out, don’t do it the way the crowd is doing it, get those Youtube metrics following the official guidelines. Why? Because by following the “tips and tricks” that the gurus are giving in their YouTube channels, you risk that in the future, when Youtube modifies its algorithm, your channel will plummet.


⇒ Strategy to get the 4 thousand visualizations for Youtube

The best strategy to obtain the four thousand visualizations of Youtube, is the following one:

  • You have to look for a theme. As an example, I’ll give you the one I chose for my channel: I chose the theme about how to broadcast live on YouTube because it’s a theme that I control quite well.


  • Once you have the chosen theme, you have to divide it into several videos. For example, in my case, I just uploaded the first video of a total of 5 that I’m going to create for the chosen theme. In this first video I teach how to do live on Youtube using the tools we have by default in the channel.


  • Try to upload the videos every three or four days at the most, and always try to say at the end of each video. that the other videos are ready for you to see.
    By uploading a series of videos with a specific theme, you will have many more opportunities to get a small audience. You can be sure that, with a small audience, a mega-audience can be created. To do this, you have to work strategically at the beginning, otherwise you’ll be hitting the nail on the head. Try to create and edit the videos as best as possible, and above all, always deliver plenty of information in the shortest possible time.


  • You also have to work outside of YouTube, that is, send your videos through Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, include them in your articles, etc. If you don’t promote your own videos, nobody will do it for you, so don’t cut yourself, share the videos mercilessly.



Extra tips:

Don’t forget to upload a good miniature, that is to say, one that attracts a lot of attention.

  • The videos make them just over 10 minutes
  • Try to make the videos very persuasive, intrigue me, and persuade the user to watch the following video from the series
  • Don’t be discouraged if you see few reproductions at first.
  • Even if you realize that a month has passed and they have hardly any visualizations, keep trying the same technique with another theme, until you come up with a key theme.
  • Respond to all comments. Be nice and helpful to anyone who comments on the videos.
  • Don’t forget to post a comment with the following video of the series
  • Use Google’s keyword planner to review your monthly searches for the tags you’re going to place.



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