Buy genuine Windows 10 key/licence (64 and 32 Bits) for less than 20 dollars

Buy genuine Windows 10 key/licence (64 and 32 Bits) for less than 20 dollars

If you want to update Windows to the latest version (Windows 10), but you can’t because you don’t have a Key/Clave for it, don’t worry, because in this post I’m going to recommend the best sellers of 100% original Windows licenses on Amazon, so you can buy Windows 10 for only $15. And watch out, don’t buy antivirus anywhere other than Amazon, here’s the post in which I recommend the best antivirus for Android 2020 and also for Windows, Mac and iPhone.

When I was writing the article I realized that some of these laptops came without any operating system installed, and therefore sold them a little cheaper.

I started to inquire about where to buy cheap Windows 10 licenses and, do you know what my surprise was, because in the same Amazon you can buy Key/Claves de Windows 10 very cheap, for only 14.48 Dollares.


Windows 10 Professional 32/64bit - Digital License Key - Microsoft - Download Link

I tell you that you can get it for less than 10 dollars, there is no speculation, because looking at the statistics of the prices that the product has had since it is on sale on Amazon, you can clearly see that it has been on offer for 9.99 dollars. But I personally confirm this because yesterday several friends bought it and everything worked correctly.

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Genuine Windows 10 license for less than $10 on Amazon

the Key works perfectly. But OJO! you have to put it to an installation of Windows 10 Pro, that is to say, if for example you have Windows 10 Home when putting the key I don’t know if it works for you. However, it is best to download the official Windows 10 Pro ISO from Microsoft’s official website and install it on your computer.

I’ve also seen that the same vendor has cheap Microsoft Office 2019 licenses (26 dollars). These licenses have not been tested by me or any friend yet. When I do I update the post with all the comments. But apparently this seller is serious.

Anyway, if you have any problem with the key of windows 10, you know that Amazon gives you your money back without any problem, so the purchase is one hundred percent reliable. Don’t break your neck asking yourself again and again: where to buy windows license 10 cheap? The only thing I wouldn’t know if the bargain will be on Amazon for a long time, so hurry up.

If you have any doubt you can leave me a comment here below.


Windows 10 Professional 32/64bit - Digital License Key - Microsoft - Download Link

The security of your PC is compromised with pirated software

I recommend that you do not compromise the security of your PC by exposing it to pirated software. Everything you download from the network is manipulated. Some of these manipulations are usually made by novice hackers, but there are programs that are modified by professional hackers.

The problem is that they know the most downloaded programs in a pirate way by users, and as they have that data, they modify Windows, Office, Photoshop, Antivirus, etc., to turn your PC into a Zoombie and be able to commit crimes from it.

But worst of all, they will always be able to see everything you have on your computer, so your privacy and your personal and bank details will be “public”. That’s why many times it’s better to save a couple of buckets or beers and acquire original licenses of the programs we use in the day to day in our computers.

Below you can see how for only 15 euros you can have the Office totally legal on your PC. I remind you that the Office pirate is where most viruses are introduced, because to activate it you need to put a virus “crack or register” in the system. We are so unconscious that we ourselves introduce those cracked programs or modify the Windows registry to “activate” the Office, when what we are actually doing is installing the virus that the hacker has implemented in the crack or Office registry.

Be very careful with this type of software, especially if you access your bank from your computer or have very important data. Never install pirated software in them, if you want to try, do it in a computer or laptop that is not connected to your network and where you do not have data or access to your bank.


For less than 25 euros you can buy Windows 10 Pro and Office 2016 totally original for your PC. Soon I will be trying more licenses that sell in Amazon of different programs. As I test them I’ll tell you if they work or worth buying.

Remember that in Amazon it is illegal to sell pirate programs or licenses, so the purchase is one hundred percent secure, if something does not work or once you have an error, it is as easy as asking for the return of the product. Amazon won’t give you any problem when it comes to giving you your money back. Thank you very much for stopping by, have a great week.

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