Analysis Fila Disruptor Shoes | Best Models

Analysis Fila Disruptor Shoes | Best Models

If you’re looking for truthful, non-marketing information on Fila Disruptor II White shoes, you’ve just arrived at the right blog. I would like to tell you that you are not in the typical publication, in which, they try to sell you the shoes yes or yes. In Lebely I will share, in a simple way, everything you need to know about this model of sneaker that is trend this 2020 among the youngest.

Fila Disruptor II White

Also, I would like to tell you that for this analysis we will have the collaboration of my daughter of 12 years, since she has just bought the Fila Disruptor White of woman (those that have in the front part the color cream and that are the most coveted right now, because the game of colors looks great and is also testing them thoroughly to convey the feelings of use, so that this analysis is as close as possible to reality.


Fila is resurfacing strongly. When I was 14 years old (22 years ago) I was an unconditional fan of this brand, which gradually lost steam. This winter I was in New York and I could see that the brand is starting to take off again thanks to the influence, and above all, to the beautiful models of shoes that are being released lately.

  • Exterior materials: Good quality
  • imitation leather
  • Interior and insole: Textile
  • Sole Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Stuffing: Stuffing against the cold
  • Materials/Composition: Synthetic leather
Fila Disruptor II White

Next, I’m going to describe the general characteristics that have the Disruptor, so that you can observe, through the photos and videos (which I will upload shortly), all the important details that it has.



It has a very elegant round tip, which has different colors. The ones that my daughter acquired are the ones with the color cream in front, a color that looks great with the white of the shoe and the logo in color. Also, this model is the most in demand right now.

In the models for women (although I can assure you that they are totally Unisex, since the colors are great, both for men and women), the most popular toe colors are white, pink and black. I know this because before buying the shoes, we made an intense search for this model.

The European country where more are being sold is France. We researched with my daughter in Google France to find out which were the most trendy colors and the result was these along with the general pink.


Heel shape


The shape of the heel is completely flat. My daughter’s first impressions when she put them on were excellent. The shape of the heel is ideal for everyday use, especially if you’re going to walk a lot. Although it appears to be rigid, it is soft and will fit quite well to your heel, you can be calm about it.


Details of Fila Disruptor II Shoes


The simple details of this Fila model are the “culprits” that are so fashionable here in Europe. The details that stand out most in this model are the shoe with a pointed finish, the logo printed in strategic places (the best combination is the white shoe with the colored logo, without a doubt). It also has beautiful embroidery, which gives a minimalist look to the whole shoe.




The part of the clasp is one of the most eye-catching, as it has small tabs on the sides that look great. These reeds are where the cord has to pass. At the top, right in the middle of the large reed, we have the largest colored logo, which is a little camouflaged with the cords.

Fila Disruptor II White

I recommend you always buy one size more in Fila, especially if you buy these shoes online. When I went to buy them physically, my two daughters, my wife and I tried it on. In all Fila shoes we had to ask for one more size. I have also found out in specialized pages and they confirm the same thing, so, if for example you are size 37, your size in Fila will be 38, even 38.5 will also fit you very well, since it is a minimum variation. Remember, if you buy online, always ask for one more size!


I leave you a table with the standard Row Sizes worldwide:

Fila Sizes
Fila Sizes

Where can I buy the best models of Fila Shoes?

If you came to this section, you would surely like to know where you can buy the Fila Disruptor II, as well as the best models of Fila shoes. Don’t worry, at Lebely we are here to help you at the highest level, so just below this text you have not only the best Fila shoe models that will set the trend in 2020, but also the best stores or online stores where you can buy them at the best price.




From here you will find the best models of Fila shoes, and, above all, the models that will be trend in this new decade of the 20’s hehehe (back to the 20’s who would say so ehh!). You’ll never find an endless list of models, only the most caneing models in the world! We want you to be able to enjoy the best Fila shoes at the best price, because you deserve them, because you are worth it.

TOP 4 Best Models of Fila Men's Shoes 2019

These are the 4 models of Fila men’s sneakers that are being sold in the best online and physical stores in Europe. The stores Asos and JD Sport are of total confidence. As offers come out in other online stores, I will include them on this page so you have the best deals on Fila shoes in one place. And remember, if you want to set this 2019 trend among your colleagues, with any of these models and accessories Fila will not pass indifferent to them.



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